Why this job may interest you

  • Active Logo A cloud-based call management system
  • Active Logo Simplify customer exp advanced call automation

Job Description

What You'll do:

  • Conduct code reviews, and make technical contributions to product architecture.
  • Get involved in solving bugs and delivering small features.
  • Foster technical decision making on the team, but make final decisions when necessary.
  • Understanding the requirements from the Product team, plan and execute.
  • Hold regular 1:1's with all members of your team.

  • Plan and execute long term strategies that benefit the team and the production stage.

What makes you a great fit:

  • Expert in designing Software and System architecture.
  • Must have knowledge of Python (PHP knowledge is a plus) and related tools.
  • Must understand MySQL queries and optimization.
  • Must have worked with similar technologies: Redis, Docker, AWS.
  • Must know about microservice architectures and CI/CD pipelines.

Additional benefits

  • 5 day work week
  • Option to 'work from home'
  • Flexible work hours

About MyOperator

  • MyOperator - India's first end-to-end Business Call Management System
  • Started with a vision to help businesses utilise cloud telephony to improve their customer call handling as well as customer communication, The product has its own mobile app to help organizations track calls for free. 
  • Along with an enthusiastic approach of making this call management effective and manageable, the team strives to find ways to bring in more advanced features of this call management system for various industries.

Tech Stack

  • Python, PHP, ROR, MySQL, MongoDB, Docker, Elasticsearch, Redis, Kafka,  AWS, Node.js, React.js, Angular, Vue.js, Slack, Android, ML

Company Type


Company Size

50-200 Employees

Office Locations

HQ : Noida