Job Description

What You'll do:

  • You will architect, build, scale, backend system that powers our applications which are loved and used by millions of learners every day.
  • You will work closely with a cross-functional team consisting of strategy, design, development, and program managers to determine how to design scalable backend systems and APIs to meet their needs.
  • You possess a passion for improving techniques, processes, tracking, and continuously improve our engineering practices
  • You will be utilizing technologies like Redis and Websockets to create a high-reliability, low-latency API that will handle massive multiplayer sessions.
  • You will be building a database layer using MongoDB to efficiently store/retrieve large amounts of data.
  • You will be setting up suitable backup and redundancy measures for maintaining 100% uptime for all our mission-critical services.
  • You will be logging all data, and set up jobs to generate analytics reports that will drive all our decisions.

Additional benefits

  • 5 day work week
  • Health care benefits

About Quizizz

  • Quizizz is a learning platform that uses gamified quizzes to help people learn or teach anything, on any device, in-person or remotely. Quizizz is used by more than 20 million people per month in schools, homes, and offices around the world.
  • Our platform is used in classrooms in over 100 countries across the globe, and in over 50 percent of U.S. schools. We help educators and training professionals conduct quick assessments on any topic, and analyze results instantly—no grading necessary

Company Type


Company Size

50-200 Employees

Office Locations

Santa Monica, California, United States