Senior Software Engineer - Java
Series B
201-500 employees
3y - 5y
₹12 - ₹30 LPA
Bengaluru/ Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai
Java, Multithreading, Design Pattern, OOPS



Job Description

What you'll do:

  • The role offers you the opportunity to grow and strengthen your skill-set while actively contributing to the advancement of our platform.
  • You will play an important role in developing information systems by studying operations, designing, developing, and installing software solutions, while also supporting and collaborating with the software team.
  • Participate in a full software development life cycle. If you are game for it, own an entire module.
  • Learn to build highly scalable, low-latency, high-throughput systems that have five 9 availability.
  • Work closely with customer advocacy boards, cross-functional teams and engineers to develop the best technical design and approach for new product development/features.
  • Handle multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment.
  • Innovate & experience working with highly skilled teams in multiple locations with loads of fun.

What makes you a great fit:

  • Experience in Java skill with excellent data structures, algorithms skills, design pattern & OOPS concept.
  • Experience with client/server, multi-threaded and distributed software.
  • Proven design sensibility and the willingness to work in a collective, team-oriented environment.
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes and Containers.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to present complex plans and designs.
  • Strong reasoning and problem-solving skills under your wing.
  • Good presentation, communication and people skills.
  • Quick learner, creative, resourceful, and being able to work on your own.
All about us

The world runs on applications. “Yes, we have an app for that” is now part of our daily lexicon whether as consumers or employees. So, while application availability, access, security and compliance are critical to our user experience and productivity, why do we continue to see application downtime? The answer is simple…too many cooks in the proverbial kitchen. DevOps teams are doing this. NetOps teams are doing that. SecOps teams are doing something different. Even though all of them have one essential goal: to ensure application access and availability, security and compliance. Enterprise organizations depend on this to deliver reliable, resilient, and secure applications to support customers, business growth and revenue goals. Is there a better way? Yes! The AppViewX Platform aligns cross functional teams with self-service workflow orchestration to accelerate and optimize application delivery with security and compliance built-in. With role-based access controls and self-servicing functionality, teams can work in concert with each other throughout the application delivery process to provision and manage digital identities at scale, configure and control application infrastructure processes, and create and enforce policies that meet internal and external compliance requirements. While other vendor tools just automate tasks, we unite enterprise development, IT and InfoSec teams to eliminate manual processes and errors, reduce service tickets from days to minutes, streamline secure application delivery and facilitate digital transformation from one central control plane, The AppViewX Platform!

Employee count
201-500 employees
Employment Type
Full Time Job
Company Type
New York City, New York, United States
Perks & facilities
5 day work week
Pick-up/drop facility
Flexible work hours

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