Job Description

What you'll Do :

  • Build pixel-perfect, buttery smooth UIs across both mobile platforms.
  • Leverage native APIs for deep integrations with both platforms.
  • Diagnose and fix bugs and performance bottlenecks for performance that feels native.
  • Reach out to the open-source community to encourage and help implement mission-critical software fixes React Native moves fast and often breaks things.
  • Maintain code and write automated tests to ensure the product is of the highest quality.
  • Transition existing React web apps to React Native.

What Makes You A Great Fit :

  • 3+ years of experience in React Native
  • Ability to write well-documented, clean JavaScript code
  • Familiarity with native build tools, like XCode, Gradle
  • Understanding of REST APIs, the document request model, and offline storage
  • Meaningful experience working on large, complex systems
  • Ability to work through new and difficult React Native issues and contribute to libraries as needed
  • Ability to create and maintain continuous integration and delivery of React Native applications.

Additional benefits

  • Flexible work hours

About F22 Labs

  • F22 Labs is a startup software studio based out of Chennai. 
  • We are the rocket fuel for other startups across the world, powering them with extremely high quality software. We help entrepreneurs build their vision into beautiful software products ( web/ mobile)

Company Type


Company Size

1-10 Employees

Office Locations

Chennai, Karnataka, India