Why this job may interest you

  • Active Logo A digital freight logistic startup 
  • Active Logo Has raised a total of $7M in funding

Job Description

What You'll Do :

  • Hands-on management with deep-dive into the details of software design, implementation and debugging.
  • Guide your teams in developing roadmaps and systems to drive product growth, then identify, plan, 
  • Manage multiple projects across a wide breadth of technologies, coordinate dependencies, and interactions 
  • Collaborate with stakeholders from across functions to keep the development team in sync with all functions 
  • Develop large multi-tenant applications in Rails.
  • Understand Rails best practices and religiously introduce those to the codebase.
  • Set up, create and manage strong best practices/architecture to ensure reliable, secure, bug-free.
What makes you a great fit:
  • 4-6 years of experience managing technology teams.
  • Demonstrated ability to build complex scalable technology products.
  • Should have prior experience of working with ROR, React, PostgreSQL and cloud infra.
  • Understanding scaling strategies for a high-traffic Rails applications.
  • Understanding O-Auth2 or JWT (Json Web Token) authentication mechanisms.
  • Experience in using ActiveRecordSerialize, RSpec and active interaction.Engin
  • Knowledge about Asynchronous Networking in Ruby; Refactoring ActiveRecord Models;
  • Background Job processing using Redis and Sidekiq;
  • Writing automated Deployment Scripts using Capistrano, Ansible etc.
  • Expertise in Data Science and Machine Learning is a plus.
  • Expertise in Jenkins, Kubernetes, dockers and cloud technology is a plus.

About Cogoport

Cogoport uses ground-breaking technology and analytics, which enables its users to move freight faster, cheaper and more efficiently. We are an international logistics data-driven market place and help manage end-to-end freight logistics for our customers. Our web-based solution provides instant freight rates, helps simplify booking and tracking shipments. For Exporters/Importers: Importers or exporters can use Cogoport's platform to simplify their business transactions, get instant rates, transparent market prices, easy invoicing process and real-time access to information on our user-friendly dashboard. For Freight Sellers (Lines and Freight forwarders): We match your freight capacities in our database and provide you with a list of most suitable freight buyers. Cogoport's platform is dynamic, real-time and technology-driven, thus ensuring the most efficient utilisation of your capacities.

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Company Financials

Cogoport has raised a total of $7M in funding over 4 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jan 1, 2019 from a Venture - Series Unknown round.

Office Locations

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India