Job Description

What will you do:

  • Design and automate systems for 24x7 monitoring, performance tuning and optimization of infra.
  • Managing RDBMS - (MySQL) and NOSQL (Mongo). Perform database administration tasks including
  • automation, performance monitoring and tuning and query optimization. Replication configuration in
  • MySQL (Master slave/Multi source slave, Master-Master) and tuning MySQL configurations as per the
  • workload. Handle common database procedures, such as upgrade, backup, recovery, migration etc.
  • Installing and maintaining packages, updating patches, monitoring network and system services.
  • Day to day support to developers/testers to help them to develop/troubleshoot application issues in
  • development, test and production environments.
  • Build and maintain tools for deployment. Automate and streamline operations and processes.
  • Installation, maintenance and administration of Linux Centos7 servers. Implement and follow security
  • guidelines.

What makes you a great fit:

  • Experience in highly available infrastructure based on Amazon cloud for e-commerce business.
  • Experience in designing or implementing microservices architecture with containerization tools like
  • Docker, Swarm and Kubernetes.
  • Experience with load balancer such as HAProxy ELB/ALB and NGINX.
  • Strong proficiency in MySQL database management tasks including database creation, user
  • management, replication setup, slow query monitoring, etc. Understanding of MySQLs underlying storage
  • engines, such as InnoDB and MyISM and knowledge of binlog and point in time recovery.
  • Familiarity with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB.
  • Good knowledge on continuous integration and deployment tools like Jenkins.
  • Proficient in automation tools like Ansible/Consul/Terraform. Automate day-to-day tasks, server
  • provisioning, configuration management, service management and managing AWS resources.
  • Should have experience in managing infrastructure of front-end and back-end applications based on
  • technologies like Node, Java, Zookeeper, Elastic search.
  • Experience with distributed message queuing systems like ActiveMQ, Kafka and RabbitMQ.
  • Experience with AWS cloud services such as EC2, VPC, S3, Glacier, Route53, CloudFormation, ELB/ALB,
  • ECS, ElasticCache, IAM, EBS Volume/snapshots etc.
  • Experience with various monitoring tools like Nagios/Icinga2.
  • Experience with setup real time log monitoring servers, centralized log management tools like Logstash,
  • ElasticSearch, Sentry and io-logs.
  • Knowledge of scripting languages like Bash/Python.
  • Knowledge of OpenVPN to provide secure access to infra resources within VPC.
  • Good Knowledge of caching technology like Memcache/Redis

About Unicommerce

  • Unicommerce is the market leader in the e-commerce enablement space, with ~500 Mn annual transactions processed through the platform enabling E-commerce sellers to automate their supply chain operations for online and offline business to increase sales & enhance productivity.
  • We support 15,000+ global marketplaces & brands like Myntra, Lenskart, Urban Company, Payo Asia, Adidas, Marico, TCNS Clothing, mCaffeine, Being Human, Jack and Jones, Tommy Hilfiger, Edamama, Gap, Gantt, Cliqnship, Luxurious Craving, Ellana Cosmetics, Sugar Cosmetics, Oryvo (Skylink LLC), Vidiwell, House of Anita Dongre, Dblew UAE, Chumbak, Netmeds, Healthkart, Agrostar, etc to adapt robust supply chain solutions resulting in exponential business growth & improved unit economics.

Company Type


Company Size

201-500 employees

Office Locations

Gurgaon, Haryana, India