DevOps Engineer
51-200 employees
2y - 5y
₹8 - ₹20 LPA
Linux, Jenkins, CI/CD, Ansible, GitHub



Job Description

What you will do:

  • As a Senior DevOps Engineer responsible for systems being used by customer across the globe. 
  • Set the goals for overall system and divide into goals for the sub-system. 
  • Guide/motivate/convince/mentor the architects on sub-systems and help them achieving improvements with agility and speed. 
  • Identify the performance bottleneck and come up with the solution to optimize time and cost taken by build/test system. 
  • Be a thought leader to contribute to the capacity planning for software/hardware, spanning internal and public cloud, solving the trade-off between turnaround time and utilization. 
  • Bring in technologies enabling massively parallel systems to improve turnaround time by an order of magnitude. 

What makes you a great fit:

  • Strong background of Architecting and shipping distributed scalable software product with good understanding of system programming. 
  • Excellent background of Cloud technologies like: OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Ceph is must. 
  • Excellent understanding of hybrid, multi-cloud architecture and edge computing concepts. 
  • Ability to identify the bottleneck and come up with solution to optimize it. 
  • Programming and software development skills in Python, Shell-script along with good understanding of distributed systems and REST APIs. 
  • Experience in working with SQL/NoSQL database systems such as MySQL, MongoDB or Elasticsearch. 
  • Excellent knowledge and working experience with Docker containers and Virtual Machines. 
  • Ability to effectively work across organizational boundaries to maximize alignment and productivity between teams. 
  • Ability and flexibility to work and communicate effectively in a multi-national, multi-time-zone
  • Deep understanding of technology and passionate about what you do. 
  • Background in designing high performant scalable software systems with strong focus to optimize hardware cost. 
  • Solid collaborative and interpersonal skills, specifically a proven ability to effectively guide and influence within a dynamic environment. 
  • Strong commitment to get the most performance out of a system being worked on. 
  • Prior development of a large software project using service-oriented architecture operating with real time constraints.
All about us

  • Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to help you provide a superior 5G experience to your users to prevent churn, drive faster uptake, and ensure a quicker investment return.
  • Ensuring consistent user experience and service quality will be critical to prevent user churn and faster monetization of the 5G use cases. At Coredge, we are experts in measuring the 5G user experience to help you identify and accordingly address the gaps. 

Employee count
51-200 employees
Employment Type
Full Time Job
Company Type
Silicon Valley, California, United States

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