Job Description

What You'll do:

  • Working with the client and the team to determine data processing and access needs and how best to deliver them.
  • Creation and support of highly available data pipelines and storage solutions (e.g. data warehouses)
  • Delivery of software using agile (pair programming, TDD, CI/CD, etc) practices.
  • Automation of data infrastructure and deployments.
  • Advocating agile practices to the client organisation.
  • Mentoring client team members
  • Helping improve the team and clients data capabilities

What makes you a great fit:

  • Significant experience working on data pipelines, platforms and projects
  • Experience in developing solutions in one or more of the main Cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Strong background in at least one programming language, Python preferable.
  • Working with a variety of databases, data warehouses and distributed file systems in production environments.
  • Strong experience in SQL and data modeling.
  • Exposure with data processing at scale
  • Knowledge about GDPR and Data Security
  • Working with source control and infrastructure as code (Git/Github, Terraform, ansible etc.) and CI/CD tools
  • Understanding and being able to support data scientists or business intelligence teams - in data prep, mentoring and support function

About Sahaj Software

  • As a company of technology artisans, we do this by harnessing the individuality and diversity in every one of us along with an emphasis on first principles thinking. It is how we find simple and yet sophisticated solutions to our clients’ most complex problems.
  • With purpose-built solutions and technology advisory, we solve the most complex engineering problems for clients to improve data availability and craft AI solutions that adapt and evolve with their changing needs or technology advances.

Company Type



Company Size

50-200 Employees

Office Locations

Bangalore, Karnataka, India