Vibhore Sharma


Technology, Product Management and Leadership

What can you expect from your 30 minutes session with me?

  • Know my intriguing stories of part-time programming course to 20 years in internet industry and know how transitioned from static HTML website to one of India’s leading job portals with a dynamic core.
  • Learn how to lead, manage and build tech team that delivers high performing & resilient products
  • Learn how to conceptualize, build and innovate product and its impact on platforms, markets & consumers

More about me

A self-taught technologist transitioned into the role of CTO at InfoEdge . Now mentoring startups on product and technology and investing in early stage, Emerging Science and Tech companies

Before starting a career in Technology, Vibhore dabbled with many career options for about 7 years. Vibhore believes in trying, failing, re-calibrating and having a go again. Would love to hear any new-age science and tech ideas as well.

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