Nitendra Rajput


Machine Learning, AI, and Technology in businesses

What can you expect from your 30 minutes session with me?

  • How to shape a career in AI & Data Science especially in AI research out of academia
  • The parallels between AI and the human brain
  • Possibilities of AI in business going forward
  • Why is technology important in business
  • How to traverse both the research and industry worlds?
  • Career is marathon, not a sprint. How to prepare for long races

More about me

Nitendra is the VP and Head of AI Garage at Mastercard. He has over 80 patents and over 100 publications to his name.

Nitendra has delivered several tutorials and conducted workshops in the mobile and speech areas at top ACM venues (MobileHCI, IUI, CSCW, CHI). He has an M.Tech from IIT Mumbai and decades of experience in technologies such as machine learning, AI, Mobile Sensing, and much more!

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