Max Kushnir


Leadership and Entrepreneurship

What can you expect from your 30 minutes session with me?

  • Learn how to start a Nutrition Startup
  • Learn about the latest trends in precision nutrition for betterment of your personal health
  • Learn about science in nutrition and how to eradicate deficits from your diet using

More about me

Max is Entrepreneur, Science Communicator & Speaker. Speaking at conferences and delivering numerous talks and workshops all aimed at engaging non-scientists with life sciences.

He is the Co-founder and Chief Scientific officer of SOVA Health. Selected from among more than 7000 applicants to represent Israel in designing solutions for the UN sustainable development goals. He developed a concept for a Singapore’s ‘FELLOW’ organization that empowers users to take an active part in the patient journeys of their elderly parents, enabling efficient monitoring of drug interactions, adherence to treatment and continuity of care.

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