How does this work?

2. Fill up the corrresponding form with your details and topics you would like to discuss with the “Champion”

3. Donate to one of the selected charities and share proof of payment on the screen by attaching receipt (Please note, few “Champions” need a minimum donation amount to dedicate their time for the cause)

4. Tell us a convient slot for us to connect you to the “Champion”

5. You are all done. Just give us some time to confirm your meeting, we will be in touch very soon

How will I know if my slot is confirmed?

Our team will reach out to you via email/ phone to confirm

Can I donate to a charity of my liking?

Sadly, the list of our charity partnerships are limited currently, hence donations to the listed causes only will be considered valid. Also any past donations to these causes can’t be considered for this initiative. We are working to actively increase the list of charities, please send us your recommendations if any (support@bigshyft.com)

I have donated already but haven’t received a receipt for it? Can I book my slot?

Unfortunately, due to high demand for the “Champions” we shall be able to honor committements to only those with official receipt.

The “Champion” I selected had no slots for meeting but I have already donated. What next?

That is unfortunate, but we have a whole panel of over 50+ champions for you to choose. In case, that doesn’t work for you, do write to us support@bigshyft.com