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30+ Years of experience in building billion-dollar enterprises
Sanjeev has led and built internet companies across domains of recruitment, education, real estate, matrimony, etc.
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Fundraising, bootstrapping, investing and going public
Infoedge was bootstrapped for several years, then raised venture capital, before going public in 2006.
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Entrepreneurial Insights
Learn from the experience of an entrepreneur that tried his hands at 30-40 businesses in a space of 7 years, before finally finding the one idea that changed everything!

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I've always had a great degree of awe and respect for Sanjeev Bikhchandani for having…

Krutika Rastogi, Founder at CodeJude Inc.

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I've always had a great degree of awe and respect for Sanjeev Bikhchandani for having built a successful and impactful business. The opportunity to chat and get actionable advice on building and iterating a product for my customers, surviving risky situations, and fundraising was absolutely insightful!nnThank you Shantanu Mathur,his team at BigShyft and Kitty Agarwal for facilitating this interaction!

Krutika Rastogi

Founder at CodeJude Inc.

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