Learn how to develop a product from scratch and build a company

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Grow your company
Learn how to grow your company's profits and hire more market-ready engineers who want to work for you.
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Improve product development
Learn hot to develop a product that solves the specific problems your users have and can be used to support their daily life.
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Improve your marketing skills
Acquire some knowledge on marketing and sales to implement to your business.

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BigShyft is running a campaign #championsforacause where you #donate to one of their supporting causes and you get to schedule a 1-1 call with an industry leader. Isn't it amazing how this is a win-win for everyone?nnToday I had a call with Sahil Jain, co-founder of Dineout, where he shared insights on Dineout's journey and being successful in the current business world. Thank you for the session, Sahil Jain, Ashima Bhan and BigShyft

Pushpak Teja

Aurigo Software Technologies

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