Namita Gupta

Founder , Airveda (ex Facebook, Zomato)

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More about Namita Gupta

Namita Gupta is the founder of Airveda, which is helping people control the air they breathe and create a citizen’s movement against air pollution. Airveda offers outdoor air quality monitors, mobile apps, RESET-certified indoor air quality monitors, subscription-based analytics services, and solutions for individuals sensitive to air quality. (Symptom tracker, asthma control scores and correlation with air quality enable them to take preventative actions to avoid asthma attacks.)

An IIT Delhi alumnus, Namita has worked many years in the US at Microsoft, and Facebook, and was CPO at Zomato after she returned to India. She is also a proud mom to two little girls.

Airveda is committed to a single mission – to help people Breathe well, Live well. The team comprises of individuals from diverse backgrounds – electronics, computer science, social science, marketing among others. Many have given up their corporate jobs to join Airveda, as they believe that air pollution is one of the biggest health hazards facing our country today and that, it can only be addressed if citizens like us join hands with the government, and work together towards a better tomorrow for our children.

What can you expect from your 30 minutes session with me?

  • Learnings and experiences from building products at Facebook and Microsoft
  • ​Career advice for transitioning into product management and leadership roles
  • Personal Entrepreneurship experiences (Success and Failures)
  • How to start your own social startup
  •  How to lead a prolific high-performance team of achievers

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