Learn how simple home foods can affect your weight loss

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Upgrade your lifestyle
Learn how to build good habits, and have the discipline to practice them every day.
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Create a perfect diet
Creating the perfect diet is less about macronutrients and calories and more about whether the plan meets your psychological, physiological and social needs.
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Build confidence
Boost your confidence by maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle.

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How sessions work?


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#livefit Do not eat when you are stressed
❌ 🍺🍔🍟🧁
👉You are not hungry
👉 You are upset/angry/anxious/frustrated...
✅ Identify what it is!
👉Handle it!
Food won’t help. Period.

#Livefit Use spices & herbs with a little twist
👉Try turmeric spiked mashed potatoes-they pair up brilliantly
👉Add curry leaves to all veggies (not just South Indian and Maharashtrian cuisine)🥒🍆🥕🥦
⏩Try bottle guard. It's😋
#Justimagine… &give it a try✅

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