Jacob Singh

Ex-CTO, Grofers

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More about Jacob Singh

Jacob started out as a highschool drop-out. He sold his first website in 1999 before he knew HTML. He’s also the ex-CTO at Grofers – overseeing a 200+ Product, Engineering and Design team while helping to grow the business 10x to $600MM in 3 years. Before that he was the India founder and country head for B2B Unicorn Acquia.

In a 20 year career, Jacob has held a diverse set of roles: Hard core engineer, yes, but also business owner, product manager, sales/pre-sales, marketing, public speaker/evangelist, chaiwalla, gas station attendant.

I can help you think about what technical systems will deliver business results for your stage of growth.
– Why? Because I’ve been part of core teams going from small to huge companies twice.

I can help you be a better story teller (esp tech story teller)
– Why? I was a nervous nerd, but I’ve sold into F500 orgs and given multiple keynotes to large halls, all-hands, etc and I’ve figured out a couple tricks.

I can help you build leaders.
– Why? I’ve honed this craft as a I built teams from 0 to 40 and from 40 to 200. It’s the most important thing you can learn to be successful.

Originally a native of the US, he has lived for several years in New Delhi. His other interests include guitar, rock climbing and cooking.

What can you expect from your 30 minutes session with me?

  • How to release and measure faster – connecting DevOps to Product
  • How to model customer data in B2B and B2C companies ​
  • Career advice for transitioning into product management and leadership roles
  • Hiring tips for recruiting senior-level tech positions
  • How to build and grow high-performing team of engineers

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