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Building unicorns
Hitesh is the CoPromoter, MD and CEO – InfoEdge and has been instrumental in launching new products and services at naukri.com and has also helped set up Jeevansathi.com, 99acres.com and Shiksha.com, as well as and other new businesses
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Transforming business world -
With almost 18 years of experience in the internet industry, he is part of various industry forums. He is a charter member of the TiE, New Delhi and also the past Chairman of IAMAI – The Internet and Mobile Association of India.
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Surviving COVID-19
Get to know about how Hitesh fought back with COVID-19 and recovered with an inspiring strength

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If companies let go off people for business and not performance reasons they should label it as a layoff and announce it publicly so as to not hurt the future job market prospects of the
people they let go.

Looks like some parts of the world are in recession already. Am not an economist but perhaps no harm in letting the rupee depreciate a bit more against the dollar if we need to remain competitive - it seems to be appreciating against other currencies

A few edtech start ups maybe laying off people but the overall job market continues to be rock solid.

The laid off people will be absorbed
by other companies very quickly.

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