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From Ankur Warikoo, Founder & Mentor Nearbuy.com linkedin profile link
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Leadership, Team Building & Management
Ankur has built and led Groupon India & then Nearbuy from scratch, before stepping down as its CEO
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Investments & Startup related advice
Get actionable advice on your startup journey.
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Career Transitioning
Learn from Ankur's experience in making a career transition in your own journey.

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A great interaction with lots of practical takeaways. Thankyou Ankur Warikoo for your time. Your approach towards identifying and solving a problem is unique and inspiring. ud83dude42n

Aman Pratik

Head of Sales & marketing at HedgeHomes

Had an opportunity to interact with Pankaj Vermani via BigShyft Champions for a Cause. Pankaj is so easy and humble to talk, it just makes the entire conversation so effortless and listening to the story of building Clovia into a household name is truly a branding masterclass. Grateful to have such a chance.nnThanks to Shantanu Mathur and BigShyft team, Ashima Bhan, Deepro Ganguly for facilitating this. #championsforacause #lockdownwithlegends.

Siddhant R.


A few days back, I had an incredible one on one coaching session with Ankur Warikoo. I have always admired him for his spirit and passion. His unique manner of looking at complex problems and coming up with actionable ways to solve them is truly fascinating. Thanks a lot, Ankur for taking this session. :)

Tanya Kapoor

Mentor at Atal Innovation Mission/ Government of India

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