Alok Mittal

Co-founder & CEO, Indifi

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More about Alok Mittal

With the belief that every small business deserves a shot to grow, Alok Mittal is leading Indifi to exponential heights. The technological platform provides loans without collateral to small businesses. The platform analyses data to conclude whether a business is a credit worthy or not. Alok is among the prolific angel investors in India with a whopping 20+ years of experience in investment and venture capital.

Alok is a computer science graduate from IIT Delhi and completed his MS and Management of Technology programs from UC Berkeley. Alok is an active angel investor. His angel and advisory portfolio include Globalthen, Taxspanner, Knowcross, Adda52, BiteClub, Supafoods, Autoflik, Cardback, Moneyview, Curofy, Wishberry, Qikwell, and Letsventure. Exited investments include Viedea and Wirkle.

What can you expect from your 30 minutes session with me?

  • Life lessons from an entrepreneur turned investor
  • Understanding venture management & market strategy
  • Insights on early stage investing, angel investing & VC funds
  • Leading a prolific team

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