Founder at Airveda (ex Facebook, Zomato)
An IIT-D alumnus, Namita led a lot of Facebook's product efforts in the US. She's also Ex- Microsoft & Zomato…
Nutritionist at Independent practice
Nutritionist, Weight management consultant, health writer and author
Co-founder at POSist
Sakshi Co-founded POSist Technologies, the largest restaurant technology platform in the world.
Co-founder & COO at Indus Insights
Neha is an IIT-B alumnus has18+ years of experience in the consumer finance industry.
Investor at Accel Partners
Manasi Shah, a Wharton Alum is an investor with Accel Partners in Bangalore. Manasi loves solving problems through technology.
Founder at FableStreet
An IIM-C grad, Ayushi founded FableStreet in 2016 after a stint with Mckinsey and other leading companies.
Founder at Fresh Menu
An IIM- A graduate, Rashmi is CEO/ Founder Fresh Menu. She has incredible experience built by working in diverse fields.
Founder at Sheroes
Sairee is founder of Sheroes and undisputedly one of India's successful women leaders in Business.
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