How to Improve Tech Recruitment

“Recruiting is an easy job! Interviewing the candidates is no big deal”

If you are the one who has this mindset, then let us take you to the world which has its own challenges and struggles. Finding, Vetting and hiring quality candidates is an arduous responsibility. Recruiters are the ones who create a workforce in the true sense of the word. In this war of talent, hiring tech candidates is even more difficult. As per the projections of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for software developers will grow 3.5 times faster than any other occupation by the year 2026. This directly increases the pressure on tech recruiters, especially in the Indian economy where 80% of engineers are not fit for any job in the knowledge economy.

To re-strategize your hiring techniques and prepare you for 2020, we have compiled a few tips to improve your tech hiring process;

Contact Developers with Specific Information

While sourcing most of the recruiters hesitate to share job-related details. Be ready to give details of the job and answer every question candidates have. According to the Stack Overflow survey, most of the developers look for compensation range in the very fast email. Compensation range is the most important aspect for candidates as it allows them to decide at an initial level. Give a piece of detailed information about the company. In the case of startups give details about the investors and financial rounds, about the technology and product. Tell the prospective candidate, why they are the perfect fit for the role. As per the survey, most of the developers prefer to have a discussion over email, only 13.7% wish to be contacted telephonically.

You can save yourself from the trouble of writing the perfect email, which not only gives details of the job but also reflects your company’s culture and policies by registering with BigShyft . Give us your job and get the best candidate!

Communicate technology stack in your job-post

Have you ever ordered a dress without knowing its color, size, quality type, reviews, and other necessary details? In the same way, how can you expect the candidate to join the organization or even appear for an interview before knowing the tech stack. The job description for tech positions is completely different from any other JD. You are required to be more precise and logical in your approach. Clearly mention all the technology stack candidates will be working on.

Coding Test

No one in the tech industry denies the fact that ‘tech hiring is broken.’ But have we ever tried to look for reasons behind this serious problem? The technical interview process is one of the important reasons as per candidates. Developers complain about the ineffective screening and interview process. Many top companies whether enterprise or startup still use the infamous whiteboard method. As per the research by Devskiller, developers are willing to invest time in the coding interview but what frustrates them is the old-fashioned whiteboard interviews.

BigShyft eliminates your trouble of spending hours interviewing one candidate by sourcing the pre-accessed quality candidates for your position. To succeed in this area, plan the coding interview in a way which is;

• Based on the work sample

• Standardized

• Short

Which Skills are Most Important

If candidates are expected to tune in with the technology stack, recruiters are expected to understand the importance of the role. Tech recruiters need to prioritize the utmost important skills which they are looking for. Candidates don’t expect you to ask the most common question; ‘What do you know about HTML?’ To overcome this issue, it’s better to see which skills are frequently tested by other companies. As per the Devskiller report,70% of companies are looking for candidates with technical skills in JavaScript, SQL, and Java.

Improve your Interview Process

In today’s candidate-driven market, interview is the first impression you leave on the candidate. Make the best of it. Developers usually complain about the rigorous interview process; not relevant to the work they were hired for. Companies need to improve in this area and no one but the tech recruiters are held responsible for this. Ask the most relevant questions which are not apparent in the candidate’s CV.

BigShyft relieves you from the burden of tech recruiters by sourcing the candidates that fit best for the position. BigShyft since its inception has helped over 200 companies and 1000s of candidates by cutting the time taken and filling the positions within 7 days.

Be a Part of Tech World

Being a tech recruiter requires you to sync in with not only the recruitment world but also with the world of tech. Familiarize with the words techies use in their diction because that’s how you will connect with the candidates. Techies not necessarily use high-sounding words like Java, JavaScript, C++ or CSS. Do you know what is JQuery, Google Guava, RxJava, d3.js?

The best way to learn about tech is through your tech department. Encourage them to take a session as per their availability, so you can learn basic yet important things about tech hiring.


Merely hiring tech candidates is not enough, retaining a skilled employee is a success. Try to draft special benefits for your tech department as they are the core team that creates and innovates the product. As per the report, published by Dice Media, 71% of techies consider training and education as an important factor. Exploring and learning new things (coding hacks in this case) is a human tendency. Make sure your company conducts timely workshops/events to motivate and acknowledge the efforts of the tech department.


BigShyft is trying to handle the problem of hiring premium tech candidates quickly and effortlessly. We are inviting companies like yours to come and grab your share of talent. Follow our FacebookTwitter, and Linkedin handles to stay updated with the industry trends and news. Register now and stay ahead of your colleagues. Have a look at the video below to understand the features & uses of BigShyft. In case, you are looking to hire PHP developers, read this blog and improve your talent pipeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best way to approach a candidate?

The best way to approach a candidate is through email than calling directly. Read More.

Which is the best policy for employee retention?

71% of techies consider training and education as an important factor.
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