Things to Consider in Tech Recruitment

In ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ Stephen Covay said, “I am convinced that although training and development are important, recruitment and selection are much more important.” Finding, Vetting and hiring quality candidates is an arduous responsibility, especially tech candidates. Developers or programmers create, modify and improve a specific product in a literal way. In a country like India, where 80% of engineers are not fit for any job in the knowledge economy. It becomes, even more, worse to hire a candidate who aligns with the company’s goals. The power lies in the candidate’s hands.

Sourcing: With the ever-increasing job portals like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, it has become easier for recruiters to post and market their jobs. But is it the same in the case of tech recruitment? Definitely Not, that’s what Tech Hiring & Technology Adoption 2019 report says. According to the report, more than 40% of companies face a challenge while sourcing quality tech candidates. Sourcing is not only about finding a candidate who matches with given skill set but also the one who synchronizes well with the company culture and workforce. At times, it becomes difficult for a recruiter to handle the situation, when a candidate leaves the organization in the first 15 days, and they need to re-hire for the same position. To avoid these problems and create a quality and trusted talent pool, you may adopt these methods;

• Maintain a good public image of your company. Regularly update social pages that are reflective of your brand’s ideologies, also highlighting the company’s culture, engagement activities, learning opportunities which will attract the right candidates.

• Market your jobs in portals which are typically tech oriented like; GitHub, Stack flow, BigShyft.

• Extend your search to passive candidates as well, who are not searching for a job but are open to new opportunities. Here, you need to sound more active than ever.

Accessing/Screening: If a Job description is a creative overstatement of job role and company, then CV is an artful amplification of the candidate’s skills and qualities. Recruiters can’t entirely trust CVs. When hiring tech candidates, the assessment test is the most important aspect of tech recruitment. A candidate may manipulate you in an interview but an assessment test will clearly show you if he/she will be able to execute the role or not. Half of the candidates who appear for an interview are not able to code. What you can do;

• Prescreen the candidates who have cleared the assessment test before.

• Outsource the position to companies that deal with assessment & coding tests.

Selection: If a candidate qualifies in an interview, it’s a win-win situation for both candidates and recruiters. But only clearing the assessment & other interview rounds do not mean, he/she is fit to be a part of your organization. What is more important, is to check the cultural fitment of a candidate and behavioral adjustment of the candidate. A behavioral or psychometric check is mandatory to understand the personality of a candidate. Personality check is important because recruiters are not just ‘hiring’, they are adding an asset in their organization. What you can do;

• Conduct behavioral/psychometric test

• Conduct in-person meeting with candidates to analyze the psychological aspects of his/her personality

Time: Recruitment is a long process. It is expected from recruiters to take approvals from upper management, but this makes hiring slow, which further leads to drop-offs. In a country, where tech candidates is a scarce resource, slow hiring worsens the situation. So, make sure you get all the mandatory approvals in due time, satisfying both, candidate and company. Balancing the speed of hiring and getting quality candidates is the major challenge in tech recruitment. What you can do;

• Follow within time with upper management & reporting manager.

Keep the candidate updated about the process. You may use chatbots as well for convenient communication.

In this ‘war of talent’ recruitment has become a hefty task. The human resource department needs to play more with data and numbers to look for a perfect match for the required position. Recruiters have to be more data-centric to make better choices. Recruiters are involved in marketing the job, marketing the company & continually evolving the data for one position.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why the behavioral test is important?

The behavioral test is important to understand the psychology of candidates and understand how loyal he/she will be. Read More

What can I do to avoid unnecessary details?

Follow within time with upper management & reporting manager. Keep the candidate updated about the process. You may use chatbots as well for convenient communication. Read More