Tech Recruitment in Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 is not just a virus but it has become a fiend that is slowing devouring our Indian economy. As per a recent report by Business Standard, the coronavirus outbreak came at a time when the Indian economy was already slowing, due to persistent financial sector weaknesses. The World Bank estimated the Indian economy to decelerate to 5 percent in 2020 and projected a sharp growth deceleration in fiscal 2021 to 2.8 percent in a baseline scenario. This has raised a panic inside corporates. 

Remote working that was once a dream is now a shocking reality.  WFH is especially a challenge for recruiters and hiring managers whose work depends on in-person interviews. This change from an in-person interview to a virtual interview with no professional training is quite a challenge.  Programmers who trained themselves for in-person interviews and coding tests are finding it hard on video interviews. 

Slow down in the economy means the high unemployment rate and it will put pressure on recruiters who have to manage an increase in the number of applicants and it will further make the decision tough for hiring managers.  On the candidate side, get ready for increased competition. 

Here are some easy tips for hiring and getting hired in this new world! 

For Hiring 

Tech hiring is already a difficult and complex process and COVID 19 has increased the complexity with remote interviews.  You can save yourself from the trouble of wasting your time on an unsuitable candidate by keeping these things in mind.  It is very important to identify which candidates are apt for video interviews. You can do that by taking a code assessment at the first stage of your remote interview.  It will help you to make a logical decision. 

Virtual setups are completely different from in-person interviews. Skype or zoom will not allow you to connect with the candidate over coffee or know his personality through his body language and expressions. You will miss out on handshakes, analyzing the candidate through his dress and through the way he interacts with others in the office. But what video interviews can give you is ‘communication’ that allows you to know a candidate bit more.  Stay connected to an interviewee at every stage of evaluation. Prioritizing communication will leave a positive lasting impression on the candidate. 

The most unexpected advantage of video interviews is scheduling. It is easier to schedule interviews that are convenient to you and candidates. Candidates don’t have to go through the struggle of traveling, taking off from their work to appear for an interview. Everything is done smoothly. 

Once you are done with interviews, the major struggle is joining and onboarding process.  You can do this by providing everything online. You can create an e-package that shows the success and major milestones of your organization. You can conduct group meetings and training to ensure everything happens smoothly. 

For Getting Hired 

No one can deny the fact that everyone gets a little forgetful while WFH. There are a good amount of memes available online that validates the fact.  We love to play music, videos or online games. But remember, before conducting a video interview close all the background apps because it not only impacts your bandwidth and processing power but may land you in trouble in front of a recruiter. They might ask you to share a screen to see your programming or data crunching. It will be quite embarrassing if a recruiter sees your background apps. 

Make sure you follow proper decorum in a video interview. Take care of background and physical settings. For more tips on video interviews, read our article ‘How to Ace Video Interviews’ 

It is easy to attempt a coding assessment or live coding round but it is difficult to present yourself in a group interview round, where you don’t know if interviewers are taking interest in you or not. It is completely different from in-person round but it offers you a chance to show your confident side. Yes, it is quite awkward to speak in a room where no one is physically present. But it is a win situation for you if recruiters get comfortable with your awkwardness. 

Before conducting a video interview, make sure you practice your answers, or you want to show some code or an app, make sure links are working properly. 

We wish you good luck. Relax! Everything will work in your favor. 

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