Pune: India’s New Tech Hub

The Maharashtrian city of Pune welcomes you with simplicity and its mesmerizing culture. From Bombay styled Pav Bhaji to Puneri misal-pav, there is no dearth of dining options in Pune.  The city offers everything one thinks of; rich culture,  glorious past, and vibrant future.  In a span of a few years, Pune has contributed a lot to the software industry. Undoubtedly, Pune is an ‘Oxford of the East.’  Somewhere in 2013, when India was on the brink of start revolution a UK-based journalist traveling to the city found it “fresh and almost Californian in its energy”.   

Pune has tremendously grown and become a favorable destination for tech startups and entrepreneurs.  The 2018 report titled ‘Rise of Global Startup’  by the Centre of American Entrepreneurship described Pune as an emerging startup hub in the ‘Global Next’ category.  The report revealed that Pune was home to 3200 startups which is equal to 2% of the country’s tech startups. 

Favorable weather and Maharashtrian government’s innovation-friendly policies have made Pune stand opposite to Banglore & other big metropolis. Construction of top-quality tech parks captivated the interest of top national & multinational  IT companies.  Rajiv Gandhi IT Park at Hinjewadi along with numerous others such as EON Free Zone, Magarpatta, Hinjewadi, Aundh IT park, Commerzone, and Business Bay are some of the top IT parks located in Pune. 

For obvious reasons, Pune is the top choice of software developers. Less traffic and less pollution make Pune even more preferable. The cost of living, housing rates, and other expenses are quite low in Pune as compared to other cities. In every way, Pune is a welcoming city. For professionals, it becomes a wiser choice, especially, if they are planning to settle down in the city.  In terms of salary,  As per indeed data, the average salary for a Senior Software Engineer is ₹ 10,12,347 per year in Pune, Maharashtra, which is 50% above the national average

If you are looking for a job in Pune’s top tech/product companies here is your chance.