Misrepresentation of Developers

Who shot first Han or Greedo? Does Obi-Wan Forget That Leia Is A Skywalker? Why Doesn’t Darth Vader Sense Anything About Leia? 

When the whole world loves to debate over their favorite Star Wars’ moments, there are a bunch of people who don’t even consider it a debate.  They are fond of decoding a complex code. They enjoy the ‘debugging’ moments.  They are ecstatic when they add a new feature to an existing product. These are the technocrats.  With an increase in the Indian tech startup market, developers’ are new heroes. They lead the world with their automation and problem-solving skills. 

Let’s have a look at some of the misinterpreted views about software developers. 

Techies are always a Guy 

This is often discussed concept.  It is believed that a software developer is always a guy.  We assume that ‘technical’ stuff is the work of a man. People are of the opinion that coding is “too geeky” for girls.   Woman in tech is still a much-debated topic.  We are not amazed to see women in other jobs like HR, marketing, sales, or teaching but WHY we consider programming as man’s job.  Coding is an art. It does not require masculinity. Then WHY do we have this mentality? 

Now, imagine a situation wherein you go on an official meeting to meet the director of engineering and you come across a smart, top-notch confident woman walking with grace. At this moment, all our stereotypes become insubstantial.   Indian women have proved this fact. Below given list validates the point. 

Developers are introverted Unsocial Beings 

Most of the programmers are often presumed as ‘Introverts.’  Social media is full of memes highlighting this stereotype.  But we can’t decide the personality of a techie only on the basis of the stereotypes.  Introvert and Extrovert is a psychological concept.  It is not related to any profession.  Programmers have their own social circle wherein they get into discussions of their choice.  

We recently conducted a #TechStar contest to understand what Indian developers think about this. The results were quite interesting. Here are our top three winners. 

Developers Can’t Communicate 

Another famous stereotype about techies is that they are bad at communicating.  Well, if their product is communicating with you, then why we care about their communication. 

These are some of the stereotypes surrounding the tech industry. Programmers always come across such nasty comments. This is damaging to a developers’ personality. Being a developer is not an easy job. Writing codes and delivering the product which makes life easy for its users is challenging.  Developers’ job is demanding. They don’t love to skip their lunch hour and dive deep in logically analytical problems. That takes their brain’s attention at times. They don’t love to sit 24 hours in front of a screen and get into debugging, but they are passionate enough to make this world a better place for you.