How Effective is Linkedin?

With nearly 660+ million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, Linkedin has become a one-stop destination for job posting and searching. If Facebook gives a peek into the person’s social life, then Linkedin gives a glance into the individual’s professional life. Linkedin is undoubtedly the most paramount platform connecting the world’s professionals & shooting up productivity. Creating, updating and glorifying company pages has become a must-do for companies to keep their audiences engaged.

With this huge size and traffic, the job search process takes a little longer than usual. It also becomes tricky to attract the right talent for your company. No job in hand or manager’s strict deadlines compels users to look for other alternatives. If you have not come across this problem, then have a look at these reasons which will make you think about other alternatives.

Crowded Platform: Cultured articles, engaging videos, relevant webinars, and interesting podcasts, Linkedin has it all. It fills your newsfeed with everything knowledgeable. But this hinders the process of hiring & searching for a job. No doubt Linkedin is amazing in keeping you updated with your industry trends, but in all this array of things, targeting the quality candidates is a bit problematic. You need to shout in your search for getting a response. On the other hand, it becomes difficult to find a job in a particular industry and a specific sector.

Privacy: “Behind closed doors, every individual is looking for a job change” This is the truth acknowledged by the corporate world. But this truth needs to be noiseless unless you get a job to voice for. Linkedin makes it difficult to hide one’s identity. Your interaction with other recruiters over comments or inquiring about a specific position over comments or your availability saying “open to opportunities” can make you focal point in the eyes of your present employer.

Long Waiting Time: With millions of job seekers and recruiters on Linkedin onboard, the response rate is low. If by chance, you come across the job you always wished for, then it takes weeks and in many cases months for the recruiter’s action. You will only receive a response if they like your profile, you will never be notified if the recruiter rejected your profile. On the other hand, it is more difficult to grab candidates’ attention on LinkedIn. If you contact the candidate over ‘In-Mail’ or via email, you will not be notified if the candidate viewed your response. You never know if the candidate is interested in your offer or not.

Pricing: Linkedin offers a paid service to job seekers which will give you the benefits of ‘jobseeker premium. ’ It will allow you to appear maximum times in the recruiter’s search and will increase your chances of being hired. But many times candidates fear about taking any kind of paid service. People are usually attracted to free services that do not compel you to use the service because of generic excuse ‘I paid.’

What are the best alternatives to LinkedIn?


There is a significant rise in tech startups in India. There is an unheard war of talent between corporate and startups. AngelList is predominated with startups and users alike. Started in 2010 by Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi, initially started as a matchmaking platform for early-stage entrepreneurs and investors but exceeding their expectations company not only on-boarded 4400 investors by the year 2017 but also helped in job search & hiring process. Today, Angel list has over 5500 active technical jobs and 1 million job seekers with 30,000 developers. Q & A part helps recruiters to understand the personality of candidates and also making you take better decisions. Job seekers are in direct contact with the company, with no mediator in between, which makes the process quicker.


Backed by InfoEdge Group (Naukri, 99 Acres, Jeevansathi), BigShyft brings best-in-class AI to match the right candidates vetted by top recruiting experts. BigShyft is a platform focused on tech recruitment. It gives access to pre-accessed and consented candidates working in top companies. In the span of a few weeks since its inception, BigShyft has already earned the trust of 100s of India’s top companies, including Myntra, Ola and Paytm. 2,000+ candidates have been able to secure interview opportunities with top companies through BigShyft. Unlike Linkedin or any other job portal, BigShyft is completely free for job seekers. Candidates can explore jobs posted by top companies as per their skills & preference. For recruiters benefits are uncountable.

Rexpert Notes: In case of certain candidates, our Rexperts provide a note (we call it “Expert Notes”) regarding the candidate, such as candidate’s fitment with startups, communication skills or anything that might not be apparent through a CV. Our Rexperts are very seasoned technology recruiters, having 20+ years of experience. 85% of candidates recommended/hand-picked by our Rexperts are shortlisted for interview and 30% of those candidates are hired.

Quick mandate posting flow: BigShyft allows a quick mandate posting option for you that will let you create a simple yet powerful requirement in less than 2 minutes.

Pitch your job to right candidates: Hiring software developers, programmers or any tech role requires recruiters to attract talent within a limited period, given today’s cut-throat. To close your positions quickly, BigShyft not only pitches your job to the right candidates but also motivates them to get interested in your company. It’s not only you who is doing your employer’s promotion but also BigShyft.


No one can deny the fact that every employee and employer has an account on Naukri. This is the single most platform that connects job providers and job seekers at a much fast pace. The traffic generated by this platform is commendable.

iiM Jobs

iimjobs is considered as the largest job board for mid to senior management jobs in India. IIMJobs features some of the best jobs for job seekers.

Although the name might suggest that it’s a platform purely for IIM graduates but these days anybody looking for a job anywhere in India can make a profile on the platform.

Undoubtedly, Linkedin has solved the problem in many ways but the core issue is still unresolved. With time, the recruitment industry is changing which requires us to change our methodologies as well. Try BigShyft and portals alike to hire and search for jobs, maintaining your privacy and have better match-making.

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is Linkedin? Can I rely entirely on it?

Linkedin is definitely an important medium for recruitment. But you can’t rely entirely on it for recruiting tech candidates. Read more.

What are some important features offered by BigShyft?

BigShyft offers quick mandate posting, rexpert notes and pitch your job to the matched candidates. Read more.

How can I register with BigShyft?

Visit and register using registration form.