How to Ace Video Interviews

COVID-19 impact on the Indian economy is in highlights. Every day, new data is released to show how far-reaching this virus is. The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) has said that the unemployment rate shot up in March. According to Mahesh Vyas, Managing Director and CEO of CMIE, the employment rate in the economy fell to an all-time low of 38.2 percent in March 2020. In such an intense situation if you are thinking of pausing your job search, think again!  If you landed yourself a video interview, congratulations! You got something BIG to prepare for. 

The process of video interview differs from company to company. Your recruiter might ask you to connect via Skype or any other software. Be well-informed about its usage and guidelines.  Zoom, HireVue, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts are some common video conferencing software. You may view online tutorials to get yourself familiarize with the tool. 

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Here are some important tips for acing the video interview format; 


Having a video interview does not mean you shouldn’t take it seriously. Video interview does not allow you to lie down comfortably on your sofa in your comfy pajamas.  Make sure you reserve a silent space where you can interact and discuss confidently. You are expected to behave in the same way you will act in an in-person interview, Dress properly.  Wear clothing that is neutral in color and does not blend into the background. 


‘Hey! Your voice is breaking!’
‘We are not able to see you properly. Can you please fix it?’ 

Do not wait for the day to do the early setup. Ask for assistance if you are not sure how to use the equipment. Do a trial run before the final day.  

How embarrassing it will be if you found out that your microphone or webcam is not working properly. It is highly advisable to check the technical components before the video interview; 

Audio Settings: Do your speakers and microphones work? Is it too loud or too slow? Are you clearly audible with no static? 

Camera Settings: Camera is the main source of connection between you and the recruiter. Make sure your camera setting is not too dark or too light. It’s very crucial that your background in the video looks proper and tidy.  A plain wall or office like setting is an ideal location for video interviews. Pay attention to lighting. Don’t sit in front of light sources as it will leave your face in shadows. Make sure you set up a camera at an eye-level to avoid weird double chins or unflattering shadows. 

Internet Connection:  We often miss this most important factor in video interviews. Having a strong network connection is a must. Video conferencing may take up a lot of bandwidth. Make sure you are connected with Ethernet cable. Wifi connection may cause an overly lagged session. 

Location Matters

You can’t hold your video interview anywhere, finding a perfectly silent space will be difficult in a situation when everyone is home.  You don’t want your recruiter to hear the grinding sound of mixer grinder or hear the melodramatic dialogues of some random actress being watched by your sibling or even the news reporting of a journalist telling the situation of coronavirus. 

Make sure you do a video conference in a closed private room without any distraction or interference.  Inform your family members to cooperate while you interact with a recruiter. 

Do Maintain your Professionalism 

The video interview is not like having a WhatsApp video call with your friends. You are expected to behave professionally and use professional diction. Don’t get too comfortable with the recruiter or use slang words or loose enthusiasm as an interview goes on.  Remember, you are speaking to a recruiter, not your friend or relative. 

Don’t Read off your Computer Screen 

Video interview does not mean recruiter won’t understand that you are googling some answer or switching from one tab to another or reading out already written answers. Do your preparation in a way that you will do for an actual interview. Research about the company beforehand. Don’t just open the company’s ‘about us’ tab in the middle of an interview. 

These are some important aspects of video interviews. Do let us know in the comment section below if we missed anything or you want us to add something. If you are looking for active recruiters in frozen time, please visit here and get discovered while you remain indoors! 

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