Don’t Panic – Shift to Digital Interviews

The year 2020 is turning out to be the most dreaded year by many of us. In the first few months, we saw major uproars and presently Covid-19 being the most challenging situation, especially for corporates. Top companies like Google, Dell & Paytm are encouraging their employees to work from home. Human resource departments’ are coming with different policies and precautions to take care of their employees. Providing hand sanitizer to free mask and banning group meetings are some of the preliminary tactics adopted by most of the companies. 

Hiring software developers become even more difficult for tech recruiters but candidates are not willing to appear for an interview and it creates a havoc situation for recruiters. It is impossible to deal with such an unexpected situation. New diagnoses and headlines are circulated on social media and it impacts the current scenario. But to save you from the wrath of your managers and superiors, we have listed some ways to stay productive amidst all the corona chaos. 

Video interviews are on the hit list during this pandemic situation. Video interviews in this unanticipated situation might be the future of the recruitment industry. 90% of hiring managers believe that in the coming time paper resumes will become obsolete and video profiles will take over that. Digital interviews or rather smart interviews put your burden down and gives the candidates to come more confidently as compared to telephonic interviews. 

With over 25,000+ job seekers and 100+ product/tech companies, we promised to make the tech hiring ‘effortless.’  we understand the criticality of the situation and businesses of our clients. To continue the flow of work, we’ve decided to partner with Monjin- digital interviewing and assessment platform (has been described as a portmanteau of Linkedin and Skype.) Most of our clients have moved towards virtual interviews. If you are working from home and want to conduct video interviews and increase productivity. We are willing to invest in your safety.   

The interviewers and candidates are matched on the Monjin engine through AI for an interview. These video interviews are recorded, analyzed, indexed, rated and tagged, and can either be shared within or outside an organization and streamed across various devices. The clients have access to a video interview where they see the interviewer and the candidate both in the frame; the interview is indexed, rated, tagged by skill, and subskills, by behavior and by competency. There is also a summary video as a part of an assessment, which is delivered by the expert

We are glad to offer the following support to you at a very minimal cost that we have negotiated with the Monjin team for you. BigShyft is only enabling virtualization. 

• First 10 one way interviews and also first 10 – two-way interviews will be at no cost

• 24* 7 Support with Helpdesk will be extended at no extra cost 

• Implementation and Support will be extended at no extra cost 

• Training will be extended at no extra cost 

• All your recruiting channels, vendors can get on to Monjin remote interviewing infrastructure as Tenants in 15 minutes – Monjin will extend support to onboard them as Tenants 

• Subsequent one-way interviews will be at a nominal price of INR 149 

• Subsequent Two-way interviews will be at a nominal price of INR 299

• Monjin Interviewing infrastructure will be at a nominal price of 99 INR per user per month

Watch this video to understand the working of Monjin and get started with virtual interviews and increase productivity. Let’s cooperate with each other and make the tech hiring better!

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