Does Your Resume Have Bugs?

Are you a new software engineering graduate looking for an internship in top tech/product companies or a full-time professional at a top-tier tech company complaining about being rejected in an interview or waiting for the response from their dream company? If yes, this article is for YOU.  We always dream about getting offer letters from companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook or Amazon and in this hope, we kept on applying impulsively. But did you ever review your profile as a recruiter of a top-notch tech company? Most likely ‘No’. But if you get into the reverse role-play, you will understand the importance of the resume and what mistakes you are doing. 

Avoiding these mistakes is critical because even if your resume is picked by companies, it will never catch the attention of the right people.  And the worst part is you will not get the opportunity that you deserve. 

Mistake 1:  Resume Content

Most of the people focus more on formatting the resume than on the actual content.  They focus more on the colors, layout or fonts. Great resumes lack the right content for the job. What’s the right content? Why is it important? 

Being a software developer is challenging especially in a country like India, where competition is reaching new heights.  To stand apart from this crowd, the first step is to present yourself in a unique fashion. In this job market, before you become a developer, it’s important to become a marketer. You need to pitch yourself to recruiters. Rather than making your resume fluffy with unnecessary details, add the catch and interesting projects that will exhibit your technical skills and abilities

There is no harm in communicating your non-tech related experience. That is not unnecessary, it will give a valuable insight into your character and show the more impersonal and unfiltered information to the recruiter. But focus more on the technical content.  Companies want to see your coding skills, your debugging skills and if you can get the stuff done or not! 

Mistake 2: Tutorial Fans 

When developers start coding & programming, they read every article, survey, report thrown at them. They become a “Google-worm” They spend too much time on tutorials and YouTube videos with no clear goal in mind. 

They sign up for every Android, React or JavaScript course available and learn it by heart. They know every syntax of every programming language. They can religiously discuss MVC vs MVCC.  But does it mean that every developer knows every programming language? 

The reality is quite different from what it looks – about a few weeks into one course, they give up. They might know the syntax and frameworks, but they haven’t built anything substantial.  This too much knowledge is also a problem. You can’t mention that you KNOW a language when in reality you can’t apply that little knowledge into a new domain.  

In the Developers’ industry “applied intelligence” (applying knowledge to a new domain) is  much more important than “theoretical intelligence.”  Can you automate your browser to do social media posts via python script? if you are one of the “tutorial hogs” you can’t do it. (FYI- this can be done by using Selenium with Python)

Mistake 3:  Missing the opportunities

Most of the developers limit their chances of working with good companies because of their rigid approach. 

“No! I can’t travel to Noida.”
“It takes me 2 hours to travel to Gurugram” 

Most of us make this silly mistake of finding a job as per our comfort but remember a good career is a matter of choice, not convenience.  

Another important concept is Startups. Why developers are so scared to join a startup? Does startup mean a small company with a small workforce?  Why do developers run after big brands? 

The truth is big brands are tough to catch with fewer openings and most of the vacancies are closed with internal referrals. Startups and midsize companies are perfect to build your skills and experience with a handsome salary package. Expand your horizon and look beyond the companies you heard of. 

Have a look at some successful tech startup jobs by BigShyft. 

Mistake 4: Why Applying for Wrong Jobs? 

There is nothing called ‘wrong job’ but your profile is different from the vacancy.  Most of the developers try to switch their profiles just for the sake of working with a brand. Why would you apply for a machine learning specialist, if you are a front-end engineer? 

If they don’t switch their profiles, they send their application in a hope that HR will recommend you to the concerned department. But sadly, this is not the case. Recruiters will put your resume in scrap if it’s not the right fit. 

Mistake 5:  Keep Updating your Resume and Keep Applying! 

The power lies in your hands. Only YOU are responsible for your growth. Keep modifying your resume with your latest skill sets and learning. Keep yourself updated with the latest job openings by registering here.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and become a part of the developers’ community. 

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