COVID 19- Its Impact on Recruitment

COVID-19 has become the most challenging situation for humanity. Every day, we see new diagnoses and an increase in the death rate. Despite this fear, the Indian economy is still trying to sustain itself, everyone is trying to maintain the normal balance and for corporates’, life still revolves around ‘nine to five.’  The typical employee still works to meet the deadlines & targets. Coronavirus has put the employees from their well-organized workplaces in the safe environment of their houses. 

The roads are empty. The general public has stopped crowding the local markets. Shops have closed down for uncertain times. People have confined themselves to the protected homely ambiance. This pandemic has fragmented all the sectors. 

Employment rates that improved drastically in 2019, are expected to dip in the coming months. Indian economy is on the verge of unprecedented catastrophe. This disruption is more serious than the 2008 crisis.  Many companies have paused their hiring until the situation improves. 

Rather than putting everything on the pause and diving in the pool of fear & anxiety, employers should follow the practical and logical approach to ensure that their employees are safe from the COVID-19 threat. Make sure that your business sustains in this situation rather than being tagged as a failed venture. 

There are 3 points that employers and candidates should keep in mind; 

  • The coronavirus does not mean no one is hiring and no HR will revert to you or that candidates are not looking for placement. 
  • Every company is adopting ways to protect their employees and to ensure the regular flow of business. 
  • Recruitment can still happen by digitizing the hiring process.  To continue the flow of work, we’ve partnered with Monjin- a digital interviewing and assessment platform. Most of our clients have moved towards virtual interviews. If, you are working from home and want to conduct video interviews and increase productivity. We are willing to invest in your safety.   Click here to know more details! 

Digitize the Hiring Process

Pausing the hiring process is a good excuse in this pandemic situation but understanding the spread of the virus and its long-lasting impact will compel you to continue with the business and prepare for the coming months. 

Most of the recruiters source the candidates online. Whether you use social media, online job portals, advanced ATS or any other recruitment software, it should not be affected. Continue with the online process. 

You may use BigShyft  to hire quality candidates. We are committed to matching you with the best candidate, while you remain inside and safe. 

The Interview 

Video interviews are on the hit list during this pandemic situation. Video interviews in this unanticipated situation might be the future of the recruitment industry.  With video interviews, you not only protect your employees and an applicant but it also displays the flexibility of your organization. 


Motivation is the key to organizational success. The way we motivate & appreciate our employees in the regular operations, we should follow the same in this coronavirus situation also. Employers should motivate the employees and new recruits in a remote work situation as well. 

You may consider having ATS with onboarding features that will help you in tracking the performance of new recruits and managing their first day as you use to. 

The Talent Gap 

Hiring the perfect candidate for the position is a global challenge. Companies are trying to solve this issue by providing essential training to their existing employees and new recruits.  

This time is perfect to provide online training to upscale the productivity of your employees and also recruit the employees from an outstation location as most of the companies are working remotely. 

Prepare for the Worst 

Whether you are working from home or in an office setup, it is important to adopt protective measures for the wellbeing of your employees (even after the situation gets normal). Provide hand sanitizers, mask and other basic essentials. Restrict actions like hand-shakes, physical group meetings or conferences. 

Even if you don’t want to hire at this time, you can still digitize the process, start virtual meetings for future actions, start online conversations with future prospects but stay active and productive. 

Don’t worry! Stay calm. We will emerge stronger than before. But don’t let this hinder your recruitment process as once this is over, there will be a shortage of candidates and it will put pressure on you, so start preparing now. 

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