BigShyft-Xcelerate for Companies & Hiring Managers

BigShyft-Xcelerate is a Pre-Interviewing Platform that offers interviews of the candidates and vetted by software engineers/ interviewers. BigShyft makes the interviewing process easier and faster by making hiring more merit-based. BigShyft conducts a detailed interview for assessing technical skills of the candidate before a candidate is sent to you. We only send candidates who clear our bar of interviews and hence our conversion ratio to offers is 1 out of every 6 candidates.

  • We send 5X better compared to other channels which rely only on a candidate resume for filtering.
  • We provide talent who are technically vetted by experts from Top Tech companies
  • You end up hiring 1 out of every 6 engineers we send to you
  • You save 75% of your internal interviewers time

BigShyft-Xcelerate Interview Types

Algorithms and Coding
Frontend Interview
System Design (SDE2)
Algorithms & Coding + Low Level Design
QA Engineer
Algo DS + Android Interviews


BigShyft-Xcelerate Interview

BigShyft conducts live technical interviews as a part of companies/clients hiring process and the interview is for 45-60min and is conducted with the BigShyft Interviewer over a video call. Its a live pair programming session in a fully tooled IDE & the details of the interview depend on the track which candidates are applying for. E.g. For the software engineering track, the interview will be a live coding assignment, during which candidates will be required to use their knowledge of algorithms, data structures and coding skills to come up with relevant solutions to the problems presented. During the interview, candidates have to write the code in their preferred language and they will have live support, feedback and guidance from the BigShyft Interviewer.

More Interviewing bandwidth

The engineering team of the companies are often occupied with development and product goals and need their engineers to interview and hire new engineers for their team. This is where companies take leverage of BigShyft interviews where our certified interviewers are available to give candidates access to live technical interviews with flexible timings and the candidate can schedule the interview anytime that is convenient for them even nights and weekends.  

BigShyft-Xcelerate Interviewers

BigShyft Interviewers are top software engineers from companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, etc who are passionate about technical interviewing. BigShyft interviewers are trained through a rigorous process of Shadows and Reverse shadows to ensure calibration and enabling them to understand how to capture the right signals from the interviews and all interviewers are equipped with data driven best practices, interview questions which are aligned with the technical expectations of the hiring company and IDE environment. The interviewers are specialized for different tracks like Backend, Frontend, & System Design etc.

Interview questions at BigShyft-Xcelerate

BigShyft interviews are for 45-60 minutes and questions are designed to represent a real work environment where the interviewer can get the most accurate signals from the interviews. Candidates who are in early stages of their career will get questions on coding exercises and for those who are senior and mid-career will get a combination of coding exercises, specific questions and project level discussion. BigShyft interviewers add questions to the interview type and tag them according to the difficulty level and experience of the candidates. Also all the BigShyft interview questions are always reviewed by the engineers and they make sure questions are not asked repeatedly in the interviews. 

What to expect out of an interview for candidates

A detailed Interview feedback report is created after the interview & this is where BigShyft adds a unique value compared to any of its competitors. Companies get access to structured interview feedback conducted by our certified interviewer who provides hiring managers much deeper insights and signals than just a CV.

  • Interview Rating 
  • Overall Performance
  • Attribute Wise detailed feedback-rating (Coding, Problem Solving,Tech-Communication)
  • Questions and Code Written by the candidate
  • Interview Timeline (With neutral, positive and negative signals)
  • Code Replay

Analyzing Interview Feedback (Interpretation of interview scores and feedback)

BigShyft’s interview is designed to highlight key interviewing signals which hiring managers always look for in candidates coding interviews. BigShyft’s Interviewer evaluates candidates on their problem solving abilities, implementation of code, technical communication and the  candidates rated on a scale of 10 & the candidates who get 6 in our interviews are above Average candidates in terms of their technical skills.

Feedback Score of 7-8: Candidates who score 7 and 8 are very strong and around 50% of them would clear Facebook/Google type interviews. These candidates are good with coding & debugging skills.

Feedback Score of 9-10: Candidates who score 9 and 10 are super strong and 90% of them would clear through the screening rounds at top Product and tech companies. These candidates are able to write the code without any bugs and dry runs as well. Also they are strong in problem solving abilities as they were able to complete problems in the stipulated time effortlessly.


BigShyft’s interview is designed in such a way that removes technical interviewing inconsistency and noise. BigShyft’s Interviewer uses pre-selected interview questions which are aligned to the candidate’s experience level and companies hiring mandate. Furthermore all the interview questions are regularly reviewed by BigShift’s tech team and they make sure questions are not asked repeatedly in the interviews, also some questions get discarded from the questions pool if they don’t  fit in the difficulty level.  

BigShyft’s interview is a technical  interview in which candidates talk through their approach with the interviewer and this approach reduces fraud and false positives from the interviews. As a part of quality and the interview accountability, we record every interview and collect candidates feedback on a post interview survey, overall this reduces bias and improves candidates interviewing experience.